My Flight School uses this CD
Interactive take-home Instruction
Kit, which has absolutely
everything you need.

Then when you actually climb into
the left seat, you're fully prepped,
free to concentrate on flying,
getting a feel for the controls, &
listening as your
instructor helps you make
essential in-flight associations.
Whatever your goals are, either to fly for pleasure, business, or
professionally we can help you accomplish them.  We have a great
training facility with a Cessna 172 and other available aircraft for our
students. The next time you start dreaming about being a pilot, call Tom
Shaw CFII LLC in North East Georgia and together we can make it
Flight Training Overview

Learning to fly is an accomplishment many talk and dream about, but
few act on. At The Tom Shaw CFII LLC Flight School, I have been
training people to fly for more than a decade. We have watched many
students show their exhilaration when they come back after landing the
aircraft on their first solo, and seen the overwhelming joy when they
receive their Private Pilot Certificate.